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Start your morning off on a high note with tasty waffles from DC diners and restaurants.

What could be better than a fresh, fluffy waffle, served hot with all of your favorite toppings? That's the motivation behind International Waffle Day, which is celebrated every year on March 25 in many countries worldwide. But with so many great breakfast spots around D.C., you won't have to travel the world to satisfy your craving on International Waffle Day. Our real estate agents have the delicious details on 6 of the best D.C. restaurants where you can celebrate International Waffle Day this year.

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If chilly weather gets you down this winter, these DC American restaurants have just the right comfort food to lift your spirits.

Want to warm up on a cool winter day in DC? Digging into the menu at one of the city's many excellent American comfort food restaurants is the perfect place to start. Enjoy classic American comfort food in upscale, elegant restaurants, with menus that elevate comfort food to an art form. Our real estate agents have the delectable details on six great spots for American cuisine in DC this winter.

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The holidays are almost here, and we're definitely feeling the spirit! While we all do some seasonal decorating, a few of our real estate agents truly go above and beyond. This year, we've asked them to share some of their best holiday decorating tips. Here's what they had to say. 

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Pie in Fredericksburg

There are many things to love about the holidays, and ending a delicious meal with a piece of fresh-baked pie is one of our favorites. While nothing beats grandma's homemade desserts, a few of our local bakeries come pretty close. 

We asked our real estate agents where they were planning to get their holiday pies this year, and, not surprisingly, the same names came up time and again. If you're ready to start a tasty new tradition, consider ordering your holiday pies from one of these popular area bakeshops. 

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DC Seafood Restaurants

Washington D.C. is a remarkable place to call home, and there's plenty to see in surrounding towns and cities like Falls Church and Arlington. D.C. homes for sale truly are in the middle of it all – an exciting place to live with truly world-class amenities.

Its position on the Potomac means the D.C. area has always been known for seafood. Combine that with how attractive it is for leading chefs to open restaurants there, and you are sure to find plenty of mouth-watering dishes to suit any taste.

From lobster to shrimp to choice catches from the Atlantic and beyond, seafood is on the menu at many great local restaurants. What better time to celebrate the best of it than during National Seafood Month, which takes place every year in October?

Let's look at some of the top places to enjoy your favorite seafood dishes around Washington D.C.:

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DC Coffee Shops

Does the day really begin before your morning cup of joe? We won't argue if you want to call every day National Coffee Day, but there is a special day devoted to everyone's favorite morning pick-me-up. The official National Coffee Day takes place every year on September 29th, and there are plenty of great coffee shops around D.C. where you can celebrate. Our REALTORS® have the delicious details on 5 great coffee shops located near D.C. where you can enjoy a delightful drink.

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DC Food Trucks

D.C. is packed from end to end with amazing food trucks ready to serve up delicious bites! From American comfort foods to classic pub fare, our real estate agents encourage you to catch your next meal at one of these D.C. food trucks.

  1. Dogs On The Curb – Hot Dogs, Chili
    Eating hot dogs on the curb; is there a better way to spend a warm summer night? Dogs On The Curb offers extravagant hot dogs that are both delicious and health-conscious. Choose the dog that's right for your diet: the vegan Slim Dog, standard Buffalo Dog, or Jalapeno Corn Dog. Whether you're looking for a light lunch or to take down a massive Colossal Chili Dog, Dogs On The Curb has eight hot dogs that are worth sniffing out.

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