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Summer is in full swing, and that means spending more time outdoors. Here's how you can make your outdoor spaces more comfortable.

Summer is the perfect time to re-imagine your favorite outdoor spaces, especially if you've just finished shopping for D.C. homes for sale and want to customize your yard to suit your unique style. Whether you're interested in updating décor or creating an entirely new outdoor living space, you have endless options to consider. Our real estate agents are here to provide some inspiration for how to breathe new life into your outdoor spaces this summer.

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Successful home improvement projects and renovations require skillful organization. Here's how you can finish your projects with ease.

What's the one thing you don't want when planning a large home improvement project? Too many surprises. Coordinating your own home renovation project is as rewarding as it is challenging, and achieving your desired result starts with having a plan. Our real estate agents have some key tips to help you take charge of your next home improvement project, and get results that you'll enjoy for years to come.

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Cooking with in-season ingredients is an easy and healthy way to upgrade your cooking. Here's how you can start today.

Some of the best restaurants in D.C. create award-winning seasonal menus that take advantage of the different varieties of fresh ingredients which are available at varying points of the year. Ever wish that you could do the same thing at home? Our real estate agents have more information on how to start cooking seasonally, and where you can find fresh, seasonal ingredients in the D.C. area.

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New Year resolutions are easy to keep, you just need a little planning. Here are some home improvement resolutions to check off your list in 2022.

Whether you've just finished shopping for D.C. homes for sale or you've already owned your current home for a while, the beginning of the new year is the perfect time to start planning your next home improvement projects. It's not too late to start dreaming up your own home improvement New Year's resolutions, and our real estate agents have some inspiration to help you think of some great projects for your home this year.

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If you're like most people, you probably spend a lot of time in your living room visiting with family and entertaining friends. Our real estate agents see the living room as a multi-purpose space for most families, so it's the perfect place for quiet conversations, family gatherings, special parties and events, or just curling up with a good book.

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Once Thanksgiving arrives, you may have to put off projects till the new year. Here are some tasks you should complete before the holidays.

Thanksgiving is a special holiday when families and friends gather around the dinner table to visit over Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you prefer a traditional stuffed turkey dinner with sides or a cultural family favorite, our real estate agents have a few tips to make your Thanksgiving a success.

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The living room can be a tricky space to design and arrange. Here are some common mistakes you might be making.

Your living room is an essential space because it's an entryway into your home. As the first room that guests see, your living room should welcome guests with comfort and style. Our real estate agents know just how important first impressions can be to potential buyers. The living room sets the tone for the rest of the house, so it should make a great first impression. When showing D.C. homes for sale, buyers look for comfortable homes with style, character, and exciting features. By making costly design mistakes, you can quickly turn interested buyers away.

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Winter will be here before you know it. Now is the perfect time to prep your home for cold weather.

Fall and winter are around the corner, which makes now the perfect time to make sure that your home is prepared for the change in weather. Many outdoor home improvement tasks are easier to handle while the weather is still warm, and there are quite a few systems in your home that you'll want to make sure are in good working order before the cold weather arrives. Our real estate agents have all the details on how to get a head start on fall and winter prep this year.

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There's no excuse for subpar electrical work. Here's how you can make sure your home is protected.

Making sure that your electrical is safe should be an important priority for any homeowner, and electrical safety is something to consider when shopping for D.C. homes for sale. There is a significant risk of fire with some electrical issues, and power surges can cause substantial damage to electronics that may not be covered by homeowner's insurance. Our real estate agents have some tips to help keep the electrical systems in your home as safe as possible.

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If your window sills are blank, you have the perfect spot to expand your home decor. Here are some great ideas to get your started.

Window sills are not just home spaces that collect dust. If you have window sills, you have hidden gems that can increase your home's functionality and design appeal. Although often overlooked, window sills offer a variety of solutions for great home improvement ideas.

At AveryHess, our real estate agents show numerous properties with unique features that attract home buyers. Many Arlington homes for sale are built with large windows and deep window sills that create additional, useable space and endless design opportunities for creative homeowners.

  1. Create a Window Garden
    Live plants and greenery add natural beauty and oxygen to indoor spaces. Window sills provide the perfect place for sunlight and fresh air that is necessary for healthy plant growth. By decorating your window sills with clay pots, glass jars, or colorful containers and baskets, you can showcase your green thumb and add organic design appeal to your home.

  2. Grow Herbs and Vegetables
    If you're kitchen windows get sun and natural light throughout most of the day, you can grow a variety of herbs and vegetables that will flourish, even during the winter months. If your kitchen gets minimal sunlight, grow lights are ideal. They are available at most home improvement stores, hardware stores, and nurseries in a variety of designs, sizes, and prices.

  3. Design a Sitting Nook
    Many Arlington homes include impressive decorative details like heavy crown molding, elaborate window trim, bay windows, and window sills that are 2 to 3 feet deep. This makes it easy to design a comfortable sitting nook where you can enjoy your morning coffee, curl up with your favorite book, or seat guests at parties, family gatherings, and special events.

  4. Display Your Favorite Books
    Window sills provide a great place to display your favorite books, especially if you're an avid reader with limited editions or special collections. Whether it's in your family room, master bedroom, child's room, or kitchen, books on display provide convenient access for reading, as well as visual appeal from vibrant colors and textures on book covers and jackets.

  5. Exhibit Your Family Photos
    If you have an abundance of family photos, you likely know that displaying them presents some problems. Even in a large home, you may have limited wall space to hang framed photos. Window sills are a great place to showcase groups of framed photos in various frame styles, colors, and sizes. You can create eye-catching displays, but make sure you don't completely block your view from the window.

  6. Display Holiday and Party Decor
    When the holidays arrive, your window sills provide a great space for festive holiday decorations. You can use your window sills to display small Christmas trees, holiday wreaths, twinkling lights, decorative ornaments, Thanksgiving pumpkins, candles, and candy, or festive flags on the 4th of July. If you're throwing a party, you can fill your window sills with snacks, party favors, or presents for your guests.

  7. Give Your Pets a Sunny Spot
    Window sills can provide your pets with a cozy spot for warm sunshine and long afternoon naps. Dogs, cats, and birds love windows that offer a view of the outdoors, natural light, and a cool breeze of fresh air. While dogs will likely watch for you to return home or run to the window when the doorbell rings, cats and birds will find a comfortable spot for relaxing throughout most of the day.

If you're interested in buying or selling a home in Arlington, contact us about available properties and prices in desired communities. We have a variety of properties that may be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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