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Summer is in full swing, and that means spending more time outdoors. Here's how you can make your outdoor spaces more comfortable.

Summer is the perfect time to re-imagine your favorite outdoor spaces, especially if you've just finished shopping for D.C. homes for sale and want to customize your yard to suit your unique style. Whether you're interested in updating décor or creating an entirely new outdoor living space, you have endless options to consider. Our real estate agents are here to provide some inspiration for how to breathe new life into your outdoor spaces this summer.

  • Start with a Deep Cleaning
    Before you get busy dreaming of ways to change things up, it's helpful to create a blank slate. At a minimum, an outdoor cleaning will involve clearing out clutter, cleaning outdoor furniture, and touching up landscaping. Renting a pressure washer is a great way to clean all of those tricky surfaces, like patios, driveways, walking paths, and exterior walls.

  • Create a Comfortable, Customizable Living Space with Modular Furniture
    Modular furniture has become increasingly popular indoors, and it can be great for your outdoor spaces as well. One advantage of modular furniture is that you can customize arrangements at any time to refresh your outdoor spaces without purchasing new furniture.

  • Use Cushions, Rugs, and Fabrics to Add a Splash of Color
    Looking for an easy way to add a fresh look outdoors? Coordinating a color scheme for all of your outdoor fabrics is an easy way to create a fresh look and breathe new life into your outdoor spaces on a budget.

  • Add Atmosphere with a Fire Pit
    A fire pit is one outdoor accessory that never seems to go out of style, whether you use it to roast marshmallows with the family or as a focal point when entertaining guests. One advantage of fire pits being so popular is that there are countless options to choose from, including tabletop fire pits that can fit into nearly any outdoor space.

  • Decorate Around a Focal Point
    A fire pit is also a great example of a focal point that you can build an outdoor living space around and use as the centerpiece of your outdoor furnishings. Having a focal point makes it easier to dream up furniture arrangements and focus the attention of guests. Other examples of focal points include ponds, gardens, and even hot tubs.

  • Outdoor Lighting Can Make All the Difference
    You want to be able to use your outdoor spaces at any time of day, so adding or updating outdoor lighting is an excellent option for breathing new life into your space. In addition to providing light for evening gatherings, picking the right outdoor light fixtures can enhance the look of your space at any time of day.

  • A Garden Cart or Container Garden Can Add Green to Any Space
    If you want all the perks of a garden but have limited outdoor space to work with, it's time to get creative. Both container gardens and garden carts make it easy to add some green to your yard and update the look of those smaller outdoor living spaces.

  • Create an Outdoor Workspace
    Working from home is a little sweeter when you can do it in the sunshine, and outdoor workspaces have become increasingly popular in recent years. A comfortable chair and desk/counter are all you need to start, but it's also worth considering adding shade so you can easily see your screens while you work.

Still searching for a home where you can create your dream backyard? Let our team help you find the perfect match. Contact us to buy and sell homes in the Washington, DC area.

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