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Open House Checklist

There's no doubt that a well-planned open house is a vital tool for getting your home sold, and how you prepare makes a huge difference in how buyers perceive the property. With the right prep and the help of your real estate agent, you can make sure your home shines on the big day. Our real estate agents have you covered, starting with our open house checklist.

  • Create an Open Space
    When you're competing with DC homes for sale, you want every edge. Start by removing personal items, to make it easier for buyers to picture their lives in the home. Clear out as much clutter as possible to make the home feel more roomy and store unnecessary furniture.
  • Store Valuables 
    While most people will be there to see the home, open houses can be a target for thieves. Make sure that all valuables are removed to a safe place, so you'll have peace of mind when the big day arrives.
  • Deep Clean 
    Before your open house, be sure that the home is cleaned to a professional standard. Clean windows, shampoo carpets, sanitize surfaces, get rid of unpleasant odors, and make sure that lesser-used rooms are just as clean as central areas.
  • Remove All Signs of Pets
    Even if you keep the home clean and your pets are friendly, not every buyer will be a pet person. It's best to remove pets, toys, food bowls, and any other signs of your furry friends.
  • Use Pleasant Scents 
    Pleasant scents can provide a nice finishing touch to your prep, but it's best to stick with something mild. Using an overpowering scent may make buyers think that you're trying to cover up a persistent odor.
  • Organize Your Space
    Knowledgeable buyers will check every corner to see how well the home has been maintained, so it's wise to make sure all storage spaces are organized. Remove as much clutter as possible from these spaces, and store your car elsewhere on open house day so that buyers can see how much space they'll have in the garage.
  • Smart Staging
    With every room cleaned, decluttered, organized, and prepped, your home is ready for staging. Consider a professional stage to have furniture neatly organized in key rooms like the living room, dining area, and master bedroom. Effective, tasteful staging accentuates the positives, without overwhelming buyers with too much furniture.
  • Curb Appeal 
    You want buyers to be impressed from the moment they see the property because first impressions play a key role in how they ultimately perceive the home. Create curb appeal by keeping your lawn mowed, trees/shrubs trimmed, and landscaping looking great. Make sure that the home's entrance is clean and consider a fresh coat of paint for your front door.
  • Let Your Agent Handle the Heavy Lifting 
    While you'll have a starring role in getting the home ready to show, it's best to give yourself a break on the big day and let your agent handle the open house. Buyers are often more willing to ask questions, share comments, and offer their most honest assessment of the home when they know that the seller isn't present.

When you're trying to make the best possible impression on buyers during your open house, the right real estate agent makes all the difference. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the DC area.

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