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Washington, D.C. is often looked as just a place of government, but besides being the Nation’s Capital, it is also a diverse, historical and unique place to live. Each neighborhood has its own unique appeal to hipster, indie, conservative, and liberal lifestyles. Food, drink, art and music are alive and thriving in the city, as well as versatile theatres that play indie films one night and have a hip-hop concert the next. With having so much to offer, everyone is able to find a home that makes them feel alive.

Geographic Location

Petworth is bounded by Georgia Avenue to the west, Rock Creek Church Road to the south, North Capitol Street to the east and Kennedy Street to the north.

Overall Personality

Petworth has gone from a barely heard of neighborhood to one of the city’s hot spots. It is best described by residents as friendly, very community oriented and welcoming. Through all the changes, these characteristics have always been part of its roots from the start. There are new residents moving in everyday and the prices are rising, Petworth offers a diverse community with things such as a weekly farmers market.

Defining Characteristics

There is a huge focus on ethnic food here, so you can find Ethiopian, Salvadorian and soul food all on one street here in Petworth.

Noteworthy Attractions

Petworth’s claim to fame can somewhat be credited to President Lincoln’s cottage. The neighborhood might not be ready for visitors yet, but it is home to some of the best pop up restaurants, bars and independent shops in the area. The Petworth Community Market is a farmer’s market that every home cook would love on Saturday mornings.


The neighborhood is anchored by a metro station on the Green Line and is no more than 15 minutes away by car from many of the region’s prime business districts: Columbia Heights, H Street NE, Capitol Hill, U Street, even Georgetown. Buses run regularly along Georgia Avenue toward downtown Washington, and Silver Spring.

Types of homes in the Area

Many real estate firms label Petworth as the top neighborhood in the District to watch. The neighborhood includes many multi-family buildings located mostly on its Southern end and a handful of single family homes. The bulk of real estate is still two-story row homes with distinctive porches.

Annual Events

Celebrate Petworth is an event to celebrate healthy living and family and includes music, art, and food.
Petworth Jazz Project is held every May through September, which offers a free music series to the residents and visitors. 

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